Remote Management


Idle Smart gives fleet managers the ability to manage every aspect of Idle Smart from their desktop.  Through our dashboard, fleets benefit from:

Maintaining 60+ operational parameters

Reporting idle time and number of starts

Customizing specific fleet ECM parameters

Performance and Diagnostics

Desktop Control

Allows you full control to customize Idle Smart’s features and parameters from any location.

Fleet Management

Whether you have 100 trucks or 1,000 trucks, manage and automatically push your entire fleet’s parameters from one easy-to-use screen.

Truck-Specific Settings

Gives you the ability to change parameters for individual trucks based on driver preferences or truck conditions.

Performance Metrics

Easy-to-understand performance metrics allow you to quickly and easily understand your fleet’s performance

Actionable Diagnostics

Determine the number of times and reason for your truck starts to identify weak batteries or idle efficiency opportunities.

Identify Outliers

Quickly identify and address your fleet’s weak points and compare performance between two or more trucks.

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