Battery APUs



Idle Smart is a proprietary start stop technology for Battery APUs that maintains both truck and APU batteries by:

Maintaining and recharging main truck batteries

Maintaining and recharging APU batteries

Protecting against fuel gelling

Features & Benefits


Dual Battery Protection

Battery Protect™ allows fleets to monitor both truck and APU batteries and run the engine for a desired amount of time when voltages get low. Fleet managers and drivers can simply use Idle Smart’s Android tablet or remote management capabilities to program a voltage threshold and run time. Fleets have the flexibility to set parameters based on battery type, condition and hauling operations. The key does not have to be in the ignition to enable Battery Protect and access is password protected at all times.

  • Battery voltage range: 11.2v to 12.7v
  • Recharge run time range: 10 to 120 minutes

Cold Start Guard

With Cold Start Guard™, fleets have the ability to have their trucks start at a specific coolant temperature and run until the desired engine coolant temperature is reached. Drivers or fleet managers simply use Idle Smart’s Android tablet or remote management capabilities to program a starting temperature, ideal coolant temperature, and restart interval.

  • Engine Coolant range: 50° to 180°
  • Engine runs until desired coolant temperature is reached
  • Engine restart intervals: 1 to 24 hours

Remote Management

Fleet managers can easily manage and change device or fleet-level parameters from their desktop. Whether accounting for individual driver preferences or making seasonal adjustments for the entire fleet, it can all be done from anywhere and at any time with Idle Smart.

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Performance and Diagnostics

Fleets of all sizes will benefit from Idle Smart’s real-time performance metrics and diagnostic capabilities that show truck- and fleet-level operational results. As a result, fleet managers can quickly and easily determine areas of focus and, as importantly, make the necessary changes on the spot to ensure optimal performance. With Idle Smart, fleets get actionable data, not just data for data’s sake.

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Automatic Text Notifications

Whenever a safety condition occurs that may cause Idle Smart not to start the truck, Idle Smart will send out an automatic text message to your service department displaying the truck and the issue that has occurred.

Wireless Connectivity with no Driver Interaction

Idle Smart is always wirelessly connected allowing the fleet to modify any parameters wirelessly through the Idle Smart remote dashboard. Since Idle Smart is always enabled and monitoring the battery voltage and coolant temperature, not driver interaction is required or needed.

Always Enabled and Monitoring

By design, Idle Smart is always enabled and monitoring your truck. Idle Smart is designed for no driver interaction and the driver won’t have any access to any of the parameters.

Remote Kill Switch

Idle Smart has a physical on/off kill switch in the dash of the truck and a remote kill switch through the remote dashboard. This allows a fleet manager to disable an Idle Smart device wirelessly at anytime.


Regeneration Alerts

Idle Smart has been developed with regens in mind by notifying your driver when a regen is needed and automatically disabling itself until a regen is successfully completed.

Overcrank Protection

Idle Smart has been developed with intelligent software to protect starters by limiting crank intervals and by disabling itself in situations with consecutive unsuccessful starts.

Over-The-Air Updates

Idle Smart provides free over-the-air software updates so you never have to worry about bringing a truck offline to update Idle Smart.

AT&T LTE Network

Idle Smart runs on the AT&T LTE network with roaming relationships with over 100 countries. We use this network to be sure your data gets to you no matter where your truck is parked.

Truck-Specific Settings

Gives you the ability to change parameters for individual trucks based on driver preferences or truck conditions.

Fleet Management

Whether you have 100 trucks or 1,000 trucks, manage and automatically push your entire fleet’s parameters from one easy-to-use screen.

Desktop Control

Allows you full control to customize Idle Smart’s features and parameters from any location.

Password Protected

Idle Smart is password protected to prevent drivers from changing any fleet settings. All the parameters are remotely programmable without any driver interaction.

Always ON

Idle Smart has built-in intelligence to know when the truck is parked and it will automatically enable itself to monitor the truck. No driver set up. No need for a key. Set it and forget it.

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