About Us

About Us

We’ve always understood that our solution had to meet the needs of three very different audiences – fleet owners, drivers, and fleet maintenance managers. For fleet owners, Idle Smart had to save money and provide a solid and reasonable return on investment (ROI). For drivers, it had to be simple, easy-to-use, and provide year-round benefit. And for maintenance managers, Idle Smart had to be reliable, easy to maintain, and not add any more cost or maintenance burden to an already expensive operation.

Idle Smart’s focus on innovation and its technical foresight has paid off. Today, Idle Smart serves fleets of all sizes throughout the US and Canada. More importantly, Idle Smart has consistently enhanced its solution based customer feedback and has done so without passing any additional costs on to our customers. In 2014, Idle Smart added as standard features Battery Protect™, the ability to continuously monitor and recharge batteries, and Cold Weather Guard™, a remote start capability for extreme cold environments and periods of extended time away from vehicles. In 2017, Idle Smart added to our product line by building a solution for Day Cabs, Electric APUs, and School Buses and in 2018, Idle Smart added a Silent Start™ option to ensure drivers benefitted from uninterrupted rest during down times.

Throughout, Idle Smart has remained maintenance free and has always been backed by our Lifetime Product Warranty.


Truck Configurations

1,000+ Different Installations

Programmable Parameters

Lines of code written.

Lifetime Product Warranty

Our commitment to reliability and performance is unmatched in the industry. If your solution stops working for any reason, we will provide to you another system at no cost to you.

Customer Support

We understand that our fleets are constantly on the go. As a result, we’re committed to being available 7 days of the week. Have an issue or question? Call us, we’re available to help!

Maintenance Free

Idle Smart has been designed to be maintenance free for the life of its use. No service intervals or scheduled downtime. Just reliable and predictable performance.

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